App Icon & Graphic Art for Language App

PhraseMates is a new mobile app that enables users to learn a language, make a friend and expand their world ©. Several beta versions have been released for Android and an iOS version is in development. We are looking for a designer who shares our passion for travel and meeting people from other cultures to create an app icon and graphics.

App Icon

We want to create a remarkable application icon that symbolizes our mission, while conveying that PhraseMates is simple and fun to use.

Your response must include an app icon based on the concept of a flower with chat bubbles as petals. Variations that may be interesting to explore include;

  • using bright colors, or pastels, or skin tones for the petals,

  • adding a “button” at the center of the flower petals,

  • employing a transparency effect where petals overlap.

In addition, please include a concept of your own, and a brief explanation of why it is representative of our philosophy. The target size is 180 x 180 pixels which is the resolution of an app icon for iPhone 6.

Icons we like tend to be simple and flat, but use vibrant colors and gradients to emulate light like the ones displayed below.

Once a candidate has been selected and the design has been finalized, you should prepare a Photoshop source file with Generator configured to automatically create iOS and Android app icon resolutions. Final deliverables should include an AI vector file.

We are running a contest on Freelancer for an app icon. If you want to respond to this part of the project, please do so through Freelancer.

Karma Icon

Symbolizes good action or deed, see Wikipedia. Users gain Karma for participation. Ideas; Hindu 3-Curls, Endless Knot Deliverable: Stock vector icon, or custom made vector image and icon formats for iOS navbar and Android action bar.

Language Select Flags

Will need flags for all world languages. Preference for purchasing existing set of vector images that can be tailored to each platform. For example, iOS uses light gradients.
Deliverable: Links to suggested vector icon sets.


"PhraseMates" with capital P and M. Include one variation with simple text in modern clean, light font similar to one used on Apple web site. Try one variation with a simple graphic addition to text, like the smile in the Amazon logo.
Deliverables: 2 variations described above in vector format.

Large Photos

To be used on web site, launch image and other large media. Choose stock photo that shows lots of people from around the word that are students, travelers and digital nomads. Most of the people in the graphic (~80%) should be from our target audience, high school & university (14-22 year olds) but it should be inclusive to other age groups.
Deliverable: 3 images from stock photo sites.


7 heads; 3 men (age 16, 20, 40), 3 women (age 16, 20, 40), 1 neutral (age 18). Custom made or suggest existing icon set.

If you are interested in this project, send an email to with a link to your portfolio and a brief description of why you are motivated to join our team.

Marc Bolh
Lead Sherpa, VidaLingua