101 Romantic French Words and Sayings for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day, what is it about? It is about love of course. The celebration of love with a big L! But it is also the celebration of friends as friendship is love too. And in these days, any kind of love is welcome!

In the United States, « Valentines » can send love cards to several recipients. While in France people usually concentrate on the chosen one. They offer her/him a little present. A jewel, perfume, chocolates for the sweetness or a red rose, symbol of passion. That they will offer during a romantic candlelit dinner. Telling each other sweet nothings and cuddling.

But when did lovers start to coo on the 14th of February? Actually, nobody knows exactly. Its origin is definitely pagan and has to do with fecundity. Or more exactly with the renewal of nature that appears around mid-February. Also, all lovers around the world do not celebrate love on that day. Many countries glorify love according to their own history, culture and hemisphere (indeed, because of the renewal of nature!).

And did you know that for a long period of time Valentine’s day celebrated single men and women? On that day, singles were playing a giant hide-and-seek game around villages. The boys had to find the girls. And then marry them during the year! Useless to say that some games were fixed in advance following small agreements between lovers ;-)

At VidaLingua, we love Love. And thanks to apps such as French English Dictionary + for iPhone & Android, and PhraseMates, hide-and-seek games can extend to the whole world! People can meet and enrich themselves with others’ language. Because love has no limits, we are very happy to give it wings!

Here is a bonus list of essential love phrases and expressions. Use them to woo somebody special or rekindle the love with your better half!


Valentine's Day la Saint-Valentin
lovers les amoureux
love l'amour
jewel un bijou
perfume du parfum
chocolates des chocolats
to coo roucouler
a kiss un baiser
to smooch se bécoter
a caress une caresse
endearment la tendresse
single célibataire
to flirt flirter
to hit on draguer
to smooth-talk baratiner
to tickle faire des papouilles
to cuddle se faire des câlins
to get engaged se fiancer
engagement les fiançailles
to propose demander en mariage
to marry épouser
wedding ring une alliance
honeymoon la lune de miel


the chosen one l'élu(e) de son cœur
to make a present faire un cadeau
to give flowers offrir des fleurs
a candlelit dinner un dîner aux chandelles
to succumb to somebody's charm être sous le charme
to make puppy dog eyes faire les yeux doux
to whisper sweet nothings dire des mots doux
words of love des mots d'amour
a smooth-talker un beau parleur
to fall in love tomber amoureux/euse
to be deeply in love être éperdument amoureux/euse
love at first sight un coup de foudre
to date somebody sortir avec quelqu’un
a love story une histoire d'amour
to French kiss rouler un patin
to make love faire l'amour
an engagement ring une bague de fiançailles
to marry somebody se marrier avec quelqu'un
wedding night la nuit de noces
endless love un amour éternel
to live on love alone vivre d'amour et d'eau fraîche
to find true love trouver le grand amour
a proof of love une preuve d'amour
out of sight, out of mind loin des yeux, loin du cœur
lucky at cards, unlucky in love heueux au jeu, malheureux en amour
true minds des âmes sœurs
to find your soulmate trouver l'âme sœur
to have a crush on somebody en pincer pour quelqu'un
to be crazy about somebody être raide dingue de quelqu'un
to hold hands se tenir la main
to flirter conter fleurette
to make love faire crac-crac
to look each other straight in the eye se regarder dans les yeux
to make a declaration of love faire une déclaration d'amour
to keep a promise tenir une promesse
to whisper in the ears murmurer à l'oreille
to be starry-eyed avoir des étoiles plein les yeux
to devour somebody dévorer quelqu'un des yeux
a love nest un nid d'amour
to be brokenhearted avoir le cœur brisé
to be jealous être jaloux/ouse
to be very much in love filer le parfait amour


Love gives you wings. L'amour donne des ailes.
I love you with all my heart. Je t’aime de tout mon cœur.
You are the love of my life. Tu es l’amour de ma vie.
I love you forever. Je t'aime pour toujours.
You are the sunshine of my life. Tu es le soleil de ma vie.
I want to live with you. Je veux vivre avec toi.
I want to spend my life with you. Je veux passer ma vie avec toi
Do you want to marry me? Veux-tu m’épouser ?
I miss you. Tu me manques.
Love is an open door. L’amour est un cadeau.
I feel something for you. J'ai des sentiments pour toi.
You make my head spin. Tu me fais tourner la tête.
I want you. J'ai envie de toi.
I am yours. Je suis à toi.
I belong to you. Je t'appartiens.
When will I see you again? Quand te reverrai-je ?
Love is stronger than anything. L'amour est plus fort que tout.
We are meant for each other. Nous sommes faits l'un pour l'autre.
Love is blind. L'amour est aveugle.
You mean so much to me. Tu représentes tellement pour moi.
You are a part of me.T Tu fais partie de moi.
I love you to death. Je t'aime à mourir.
I have totally fallen for you. Je suis dingue de toi.
I am addicted to you. Je suis accro à toi.
I think of you all the time. Je pense à toi tout le temps.
I have a crush on you. J'ai le béguin pour toi.
You are the one. Tu es celui/celle que j'attendais.
You make me burn with desire. Je brûle de désir pour toi.
I cannot live without you. Je ne peux pas vivre sans toi.
I am crazy about you. Je suis fou/folle de toi.
I cannot bear to be apart from you. Je ne supporte pas d'être séparé(e) de toi.
I cannot bear to be far from you. Je ne supporte pas d'être loin de toi.
You are my everything. Tu es tout pour moi.
I have you under my skin. Je t'ai dans la peau.
My heart pounds wildly. Mon cœur bat la chamade.
You broke my heart. Tu m'as brisé le cœur.

Good luck with your romantic adventures on Valentine's Day and throughout the year!

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