Top Digital Nomads from Around the World

So I don't know about yourself, but me personally; I love to travel. The thought of learning a new language and culture, packing up and just jet setting across the world really gets my travel bugs kicking, though choosing where to go next is half the battle. But with the help of our good old friend The Internet I am able follow those that have made travelling around the world their day to day job, these entrepreneurial travellers, who are known as Digital Nomads, log their journeys across the world, and in doing so give expert advice, and real life examples of what it is like to travel to certain countries and places, to help keep you safe and inspire you for your future trips. In saying that here are my Top 5 Digital Nomads.

Benny Lewis - Fluent in 3 Months
So I've been following Benny Lewis' blog 'Fluent in 3 Months' since about 2010 when I thought I should have a crack at French (one of my few failed attempts at trying to learn a second language, hopefully Mandarin works out). If you have plans or goals to learn a language and hopefully move overseas (to where you can use that language) well then Benny is your man.
The language hacking expert has been travelling, learning and blogging his way around the world since 2003, Benny is now fluent in 7 language, and can speak conversationally in 4 languages. His success in so many languages comes from Benny diving into the deep end; moving to his country of choice for 3 months and for the majority of that time, only speaking the language he is learning, and it seems to have worked so far. He is also a bestselling novelist and runs a forum for language learners at Fluent in 3 Months

Clayton Cornell - The Spartan Traveler
Like most digital nomads Clayton never wanted the 'American dream' to work for the majority of his life just to wait till he was in his 60's to enjoy it, so he quit his 9-5 job to pursue his life-long dream of seeing the world. In pursuing this dream, he has started a blog 'The Spartan Traveler'. The Spartan Traveler is generally speaking, run to show how to do more with less and is split between four topics; Travel Blog, Lifehacking and Travel Advice, Working 2.0/Lifestyle Design/The Lifestyle Business Movement, and Adventure Sports/Training/Sport-specific advice.
To put it simply, Clayton started because he (to use a quote from his blog) is not running away from but rather he is "running towards everything — towards the world, exotic places, new people, different cultures, and my own idea of freedom and living."

Rob Lloyd - Stop having a boring life (SHABL)
Rob's blog 'Stop having a boring life (SHABL)' about because he wanted to write a blog that showed people what happens on a trip rather then what you can do on a trip. A blog for those who want to see someone taking the plunge into the deep end to show what they have in store for them, and to show them how to be safe when doing it. Having travelled and lived in over 70 countries for over 5 years, Rob has shared hundreds of articles, photos, thoughts, tips, and even had special contributors through is blog and vlog.

Mish and Rob - Making it Anywhere
Now whilst the previous bloggers have been about 'quitting the 9-5' and travelling the world, using the money from their blog to fund their travels, this blog is a bit different. Even though Mish and Rob did quit their jobs in London they both started their own small business and are now 'Location Independent', their mission through their blog 'Making it Anywhere' is all about teaching people to become 'anywhereists', because with modern day technology you don't have to be in the same location as your client to provide the services you need, they've met "recruitment consultants, psychiatrists, finance brokers, language teachers and start-up CEOs" who now all live this "Location Independent" lifestyle. They also run their own Property investment website/forum and they write books!

Marcus Meurer - Blog
Last but not least is Online Entrepreneur and Digital Nomad Marcus Meurer. After graduating university and joining a large online company leading as Online Marketing Manager, Marcus felt that even though he was being awarded with big rewards and large projects, that in the long run, it would not make him happy and fulfilled, as he felt constrained, working for someone else's dream. As such he quit to start his own business 'Force M' and became a Digital Nomad.
Under the incubator company Force M, Marcus founded DNX, which is a 'location-independent' conference for Digital Nomads, DNX also runs Digital Nomad DNX camps across the world to improve on co-working abilities, sports, and maintaining a healthy life whilst being a Digital Nomad.

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