Top Spanish Blogs for Teachers and Students

Did you know that Spanish is the third most spoken language? With more than 495 millions native speakers, only Mandarin Chinese and English come before Spanish in the ranking.

According to Cervantes Institute Spanish is the second most important language for international business relationships. In fact, in 2030 it is expected to be spoken by the 7.5% of the global population. And last but not least, about 18 million people study Spanish as a second language.

These are good reasons for learning and teaching Spanish. So we've searched far and wide to find you the top blogs for Spanish teachers and students.

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1. Teaching Spanish With Comprehensible Input by Cynthia Hitz

Cynthia Hitz is a technology enthusiast, she uses apps and devices –such as tablets– in her Spanish classroom. By creating stories, her students learn a new language. “I'm experimenting with making stories using digital storytelling apps”, she said in a recent post.

2. Creative Language Class by Kara Parker and Megan Smith

Kara and Megan found the perfect way to increase their confidence teaching Spanish; create a blog together! Videos, workshops, infographics, tips and reflective thoughts are to be found on this user-friendly class blog. Definitely, visuals for learning and multimedia resources are the strengths of this challenging duo.

3. Kristy Placido by Kristy Placido

Written by herself, Kristy Placido is a teacher to teacher blog. She shares teaching strategies and writes about her personal experience as Spanish teacher. She follows the TPRS method, which include translating as a teaching method.

4. Señorita Barragán by Crystal Barragán

Crystal Barragán shares experiences, activities and methods regarding teaching Spanish as a Second Language in her blog. She also follows the TRPRS teaching method – Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling. Señorita Barragán targets both students and educators.

5. Fun for Spanish Teachers by Carolina Gómez

Carolina Gómez shares useful tips and teaching resources, such as interactive books, activities and games. With almost 20 years of experience as Spanish teacher, she knows how to teach Spanish for kids and she proves it in her teacher to teacher blog. She focuses in Elementary Spanish.

6. Language coaching by Amy Lenord

This teacher to teacher blog is written by Amy Lenord, a Spanish teacher from Texas, US. She follows a proficiency based language program and she was the Texas Foreign Language Association president in 2015. In her blog, she shares teaching materials, experiences and lessons plans for Spanish teachers.

7. Resources and Ideas for Language Teachers by Neil Jones

Neil Jones is a british Spanish teacher who shares tips and creative ideas in his minimalist blog. He posts inspiring videos, as well as teaching resources created by himself. He also publish information and activities which address emerging issues in the Spaniard culture and society.

8. Teaching Spanish... by Kara Jacobs

From a reflective perspective, Kara writes about her personal experience in her Spanish classroom. She also shares teaching ideas and resources for other teachers, and from other bloggers too. It’s a good place where to find refreshing tips!

9. Reflections of a Spanish teacher by Jeremy Jordan

In his posts, Jeremy Jordan shares teaching methods for other teachers. He believes that translating is a way for students to learn a new language. In fact, he also uses the TPRS method.

10. Somewhere to share by Carrie Toth

Carrie Toth, an American Spanish teacher, writes about everything related to her Spanish courses. For instance, she recently shared a nice ice-breaking game for high school lessons! Her blog is full of experiences and pictures which bring us a little bit of her classroom to our lives.

If we missed one of your favorite blogs, even if it's your own, don't hestiate to email us at to let us know.

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Happy learning!

Victoria Sfriso
Lead Spanish Linguist