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PhraseMates contains millions of phrases in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Farsi and Khuzdul. You'll find useful and interesting phrases that aren't in old school phrasebooks. Add your own phrases and share them. Beginner? No worries, you can ask other users "mates" to translate something for you and connect on Facebook.

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What can you do with PhraseMates?

Find Phrases

Search through millions of phrases by keyword.

Star Favorites

Create a custom phrasebook with your favorites.

Add Phrases

Add and share phrases with other users or "mates".

Find Mates

Search for users who want to you learn your native language and teach you theirs.

Request Translation

Ask mates to translate a phrase if you don't find it in the database.

Get Karma

Participate in the PhraseMates community and watch your karma increase.

User Reviews

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The app is great, simple and functional UI!

I'm finishing high school and planning to go to Europe this summer. PhraseMates is sweet for learning languages and meeting peeps from all over.

Great app with awesome potential! Great way to meet people who want to learn languages.

Have never really seen a community driven language app like this before so it really caught my attention. I like how I am not only learning new phrases but also contributing new phrases for other people to learn! Have been showing this around my Mandarin class, and they all think it is pretty cool!.

I teach grade school. There are lots of good academic apps but they don't always keep the kids' interest. This one does because it has funny phrases.

I'm heading to London this summer and have been using Phrasemates to accelerate my language skills. I'm a huge fan and owe this app for saving me in a few conversations!

I'm taking Spanish. The homework is boring, but PhraseMates is a blast. I'm going on a class trip to Costa Rica. I'm hoping to find a "mate" in school to meet when I get there.

Questions and Answers

What languages are available?

Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Farsi & Khuzdul. We add a new languages monthly. Special requests? Take our survey to help us determine the priorities.

WTF is Khuzdul?

Khuzdul is the secret language of the dwarves in J.R.R Tolkein's the Hobbit. We did an April fool's prank about it but we are dead serious about adding Khuzdul and other fantasy languages to PhraseMates.

What is Karma?

According to Wikipedia, Karma means action, work or deed. It also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual. With PhraseMates, participating in the community gains you Karma points. Do it for your Mates but know that we are working on some cool features to reward those with Karma, stay tuned.

How can I have a say in defining new features?

Yes! The translations in PhraseMates are crowd sourced and so are the features. If you have a suggestion for improvement or you just was to encourage us, email or post a comment to our Facebook page.

What can I do to help?

Download PhraseMates for free on the App Store or Google Play. Add a cool phrase. Ask for a translation. Find a mate. Email with feedback. Like us on Facebook. Tweet about PhraseMates. Write a nice user reivew. Tell your friends. Tattoo Expand your World with PhraseMates! on your forearm... scratch that, just do the other stuff 8)


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