What's New

PhraseMates for iPhone

Version 1.0.41

  • Improved phrase searches to find more exact matches.

  • Changed Requests tab to Translate so you can Ask for Translations and Respond to Requests from one place.

  • Added Translate Now features which provides machine translation in case a user doesn't respond quickly. See My Profile > My Requests, then select request and tap Translate Now button.

  • Implemented start-up dialogue to select language you want to learn and native language.

  • Added continuous scroll to Mates screens to see all users interested in a language.

  • Added Best Mates list of users with most Karma points to More Menu. Can you get to the top?

  • Fixed language selectors (flags) so choices you make on one screen follow you to next.

  • Added Location and Website fields to User Profile so you can connect with like-minded users.

  • Added capitalization to Add Phrase and Ask to Translate. Don't forget proper punctuation!

  • Fixed issue causing some phrase searches to hang.

  • Improvements to screen layouts and help text.